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8546 Pete Wiles Rd
Middletown, MD, 21769
United States


Maryland's premier meadery and winery bringing the world's oldest alcohol into the 21st century. Specializing in complex honey wines as well as unique red and white varietals. Locally crafted, Internationally awarded.

The New Tasting Room

2015 was a breakout year for us: we've made new friends, new wines and meads, and now we're giving both the proper space. With our own hands, we've built a tasting room that has the warmth and character found within our bottles.

See the journey below.


Months of prep, a handful of drawings, now where to put the bar?

One thing we couldn't lose sight of: utilizing the view of the Middletown Valley right out our backdoor. So, a wraparound deck is a necessity.


The Delivery

45,000 pounds of timber on the first truck, 40,000 on the second. Unloading on uneven ground is like playing a massive and dangerous game of Jenga. Luckily, Andrzej can drive anything.

Saying we're "eager" is an understatement, more like giddy.


Building The Structure

Years of practice with Lincoln Logs have prepared us for this. These logs, however, have a bit more weight to them.

The key here is patience, lots of glue, and two foot long lag bolts. 

"Are you guys building a fort?"


Roof and Deck

Measure, double check, measure one more time just in case, cut.

We commonly get winds over 50mph up on our little Middletown hill, thus, we overbuild everything, especially the roof. With a team of four, the shingles were attached in no time. 

By the time we were finished with the deck, the inspector said it was so well supported that it could double as a parking structure.

"And block that view? Don't think so..."


The Bar

What's the main reason people come to see us? The carefully crafted booze, of course! Thus, the bar is paramount.

Enlisting the help of some skilled craftsman, we set forth to make a 35 foot concrete countertop bar with a mismatched brick facade. All of the bricks come from a lifelong mason in Virginia who collected one brick from each project over the last 80 years. We're proud to give them a proper home.


Walls, plumbing, painting, OH MY!

Getting the structure up was easy, picking paint colors is another story.

"It has to be perfect!"

Heat and A/C and plumbing? Check.

52 electrical outlets (you never know)? Check.

Unimpressed dog? Check.



Lights, stain, action!

Seeing 25 gallons of stain and oil in person is certainly intimidating. Our shoulders have never been stronger! We've noticed that a rotating playlist of Queen and Dave Brubeck helps to squelch feelings of fatigue. 

The entire exterior was coated in a protective stain finish, and the interior was finished with a Brazilian rosewood oil, because why not?

The lights are hung and now we can see it all coming together.


Finishing Up

Dotting i's and crossing t's.

Now we're squaring up moulding, sealing brick, and framing bathroom mirrors. It's far from glamorous, but it makes a big difference. We're so close we can taste it.

"Are we there yet?"


Cleaning UP

We've made quite the mess. To put it lightly, we have enough scrap pieces of wood hanging around to supply Carmen (the vineyard lab) with 10 years of chew toys. At this point, we know no other smell than freshly cut pine and rosewood oil.

Out goes the tools, wood, and mess. In comes the furniture!



At long last, we're finally ready to share our new space. We're opening our doors Saturday March 12th and we're planning a grand opening later this year.

Come join us!